Some Tips while Choosing Refrigerator

Before buying the refrigerator, you could consider few things regarding the products and end up buying your dream product.

-- >Size

Capacity is important but before that consider the space available. Measure dimensions of the area where you plan to keep the fridge and then make sure the fridge is couple of inches less in size, so that it fits in properly. Also make sure there is space to move around it, since you will access it several times a day. Also consider the average height of people in your family before considering the height of the fridge.

-- > Storage requirements

1. For a family of 2, fridge having capacity of 175/185 should be fine
2. A family of 4, fridge having 250 to 300 Litres capacity should be good
3. A family of 6 should consider a larger the size (300 to 350 Litres)

-- > Refrigerator options

Refrigerator models comes with single door, 2 doors, 3 doors & Double doors that opens from the centre. Consider which type of door setting suits your requirements and space limits.

1. Standard models come with the freezer on the top.
2. 2/3 Door models: In 2 door models, Freezer will have a separate door. 3 door models also may be available in case of larger size refrigerators.
3. Side-by-side models: With the freezer on one side and the refrigerator on the other side, you may get a fair amount of freezer space.

-- > Types of Refrigerator

1.Conventional type: In conventional Models, the main issue is the need to manually de-frost or switch off the refrigerator and keep the door open to de-frost and the water collected on the tray may have to be removed manually.
2. Frost free models: In this type, de-frost cycle works in a periodical intervals & removes the frost. Generally, the drain water tray is placed on top of the Compressor and heat generated by the Compressor helps evaporation of the drain water. Excess water may have to be removed/cleaned manually.

-- > Energy Efficient Models

1. Enquire the energy star level on the product & user manual
2. 5 Star sticker indicates highly energy efficient
3. Cost will vary according to energy star level



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