Here's What You Need to Know About iPhone 7

Its September, Apple Folks! And, this September 2016, Apple is all set to mark another milestone in the golden pages of iPhone. Apple always take the road less traveled, it adores challenges that leave the world awestruck! Keeping the promise of living up to the classy expectations of Apple clan, a brand new phone is on it's way. Yes, it's time for iPhone 7 and folks all over the world are waiting with the bated breath for it's big day of release i.e. 7th September 2016.

With the release date of iPhone 7 coming closer, the market has gone shambolic. Everyone is predicting and betting their luck on the wonders done by Apple in this gigantic iPhone 7. As far as we are aware, this year, Apple might deviate from it's regular gold and silver colour norms, and add a new Deep blue colour in it's shelf, other than its already available colours- Space Gray, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

With every iPhone, it outgrows itself in excellence. While the web is congested with the expectations relating to the specifications and design of the iPhone 7, we have gathered all of it in one place just for you! Check it out!

Features as per Market Predictions:

According to the predictions, iPhone 7 is going to be the slimmest phone ever, for which Apple is planning to remove it's 3.5 mm jack. This is the biggest small change, which is sure to get a lot of attention. Apart from this, according to the sources, the antenna bars will be removed and also the phone will be button-less. Apple's record of keeping single home button upto-the-date will be broken by this phone. It is predicted to have pressure sensing haptic home button for giving the users “Apple-feel”. It is expected that Apple will keep the screen size and pixel density similar to that of it's previous sequel- iPhone 6 and 6S.

The comment of John Ives, the Chief Design Officer of Apple Inc., has made it quite clear now that focusing on features is much more attractive than increasing battery life, which every smartphone user would agree with. It is possible that battery of iPhone 7 be as same as that of iPhone 6s, which does not drain out of energy so easily.

The latest operating system of the Apple iOS 10 is expected to release along with iPhone 7. Hence, without any doubts, if the iOS 10 is released along with it, the iPhone 7 is sure to enjoy the monopoly which will surely leave it's users awestruck, with it's greatest platform of operating system. The phone is expected to have Hexa core Processor to enable high-end experience. Apparently, the device is going to have many variants from 16GB to 256GB, to meet the need of every user.

Are you ready for the biggest innovation in the world of mobile cameras? According to the predictions, the camera of iPhone 7 will be equipped with dual back camera modules which will enable it to give DSLR-like picture quality. This amazing camera (if true) is sure to make iPhone clans and photo maniacs even crazier.


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