Shopping is Heaven, Online Shopping is Heaven at Reach!


Shopping is a therapeutic experience. But not for all. For some, it is a tiring chore which has to be done. If you are one such person, I am sure you understand how important is the boon named- ‘online shopping’.  Although obvious, let’s have a look at the reasons why online shopping is about to become a boon. Hasn’t it already?

1. Everything is available at one place: 


Not long ago, remember we used to visit different brand stores to have a look at clothes before buying one. “Please, keep it aside, we’ll go to the other place have a look and come back.” The gnarls of the salesmen. Well, not anymore. Surf through the specific brands stores compare and buy!

2. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your couch:


Gone are those days when you had to sacrifice your favourite place on the couch, even though knowing that the match is about to start. Whatever, your mother or Girlfriend asks you to buy, all you need to do is select the one that you like from a gazillion choices and simply order right away from your phone.

3. No more extra-helpful Shop assistants: 


Remember those extra helpful assistants tracing your every step in the store. Ruining your trance time and again with an ‘excuse me!’. Buy online and free yourself from those living surveillance cameras. When you get your clothes delivered at your doorstep, you can also get opinions from your loved ones i.e., if you shop stuff online!

4. Your size is not un-gettable anymore: 


‘Sorry! I don’t have this piece in your size!’ It felt as devastating as it sounded. Not anymore. If you do not get get something in your size on one, you are bound to get it on another website.

5. No awful changing rooms: 


No matter how much we all boast about the clothes that we bought after trying them on in those awful changing rooms, the fact that it was extremely boring and embarrassing (often) is undeniable. Now, by shopping online, you can make your own room a changing room!

6. No more waiting outside changing rooms: 


If you have been that person to accompany someone else while he or she rumbles through the pile of clothes in front on the table and selects a few to try out in the changing room, you certainly know what this point means.

7. Exchanging clothes is easier: 


Select the one that you like. Try it when you receive it. If it does not fit, return it! All of these, without even losing an ounce of the comfort of your home. Now, this may sound like a dream coming true for every shopaholic, but yes it is true. Welcome to the world of online shopping. Whereas, exchanging (forget returning) used to be a tedious task, it still is!

8. Multitasking while shopping:


You can buy the T-shirt that amazes you. While taking a leisurely nap or munching on those chips as the match on the TV proceeds towards a nail-biting finish. Talk about multi-tasking shall we? How about some shopping first?

9. A plenty of choices: 

The number of choices available on a single website go beyond the expectations of saner minds. To top it up, there are multiple number of websites at your thumb’s disposal to find your fix!

10.  Sales Go On Forever: 


Online shopping sales are similar to festivals that go on in India for the whole year. Online shopping is one such festival that is celebrated with a plethora of offers, 24x7 with daily deals and that too, for the whole year. One ends and another begins.


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