5 Reasons to Ditch The Induction And Go For A Gas Stove

Are you passionate about cooking? Do you want to recreate a lip smacking dish that you just had last weekend in your favourite restaurant? Are you the one who wants to be up and running always and do not want to spend the whole day fidgeting with the dishes in the kitchen? Then you should go ahead and buy a gas stove for yourself and ditch that induction cooktop. Here are 5 reasons, why you should totally fetch yourself a gas stove.

1. Superior Temperature Control

You have a better temperature control in the gas stove rather than in an induction cooktop. The reason behind this is that the heat is in the form of flames on the gas stove, if turned down, would immediately reduce the temperature. But in case of an induction cooktop, the heat is transferred by the mutual induction between two copper coils, which need time to regulate their temperature after the electricity has stop flowing through them.

2. Long Lasting

The gas stoves have a metal grate on the top coating. Whereas the induction cooktops have glass or ceramic coating on top, which always has a danger of scratching and cracking easily. This makes the gas stoves more durable as they are sturdy and tough. Also, metal grates are able to withstand heavy or rough-textured cookware without any problem.

3. Economical Option

Gas is supposedly cheaper than electricity. Also, the food takes longer time to be cooked on an induction top than a gas stove. Even if the cost of your gas range is initially more expensive, paying less in utilities will save you money in the long run. These savings can especially add up if you cook a lot. And, the gas stove prices are always cheaper than an induction cooktop. Hence, a gas stove is a more viable and cheaper option than an induction cooktop.

4. Conducive For All Cookware

Unlike for an an induction cooktop, the cookware used for a gas stove need not have a flat bottom or a specific induction bottom. You can cook on a gas stove even if you are using a wok that is made up of varied materials. The flames from a gas burner will heat your pots more evenly, making it perfect for every kind of a cookware.

5. Ready To Rescue

What about that dinner you wanted to prepare for your guests but suddenly there is a power cut-off? Gas stoves are always in for a rescue. Regardless of the fact that the gas stove is manual igniting or automatic, even in the absence of electricity, you can prepare that delicious meal you were planning to. Of Course, there are pros and cons to everything in this world. Still, the quoted reasons are sufficient to help you decide the next time you want to get a cooktop, induction or a gas stove. Also, with the growing online shopping, you can find a gas stove online easily ranging from a single burner to anywhere till six burners and that too the one that will fit in your budget. So why waste time, go ahead and grab a gas stove for yourself for that flawless cooking experience.


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