7 Heartbreaking Movies that will Make You Cry Every Time You See Them

The world is thronged with two kinds of people – Those who jerk their tears freely, without any fear of being judged. And then there are those, who enshroud their face with the pillows to hide the view of their tears. While never admitting in public that they cry (yes, they exist!). Cry publicly or in privacy, some movies, no matter how much you control, just don't let you dictate your tear-ducts. They make you feel every emotion profoundly (you are not robot after all!). And this list is the sheer compilation of such movies, which will keep your eyes teary throughout.

#1. My Sister's Keeper

'My sister's keeper' is a movie loosely based on Jodi Picoult's novel. It is about an 11-year old girl, who is genetically designed to save the life of her 16-year old sister, suffering from leukemia. The trouble starts when the younger sister sues her parents to emancipate from the rigmaroles of hospital which she was burdened upon right from the birth. It has a gripping plot and one can't keep his eyes dry while watching this movie. If at all you succeed in not crying, well wait for the ending. You just can't stop!
#2. The Fault in Our Stars

'The Fault in our Stars' is based on John Green’s novel of the same title and knowing the author you can only imagine how unbelievably morose it will be. It is surely the best love story with the most spectacular and catchy one liners, that will stay with you forever. Literally! The plot revolves around two cancer patients and how they inevitably fall in love with each other, even after knowing they do not have enough time. The way they turn their numbered days into a happy song of love and their trepidations will make you sob indefinitely.

#3. Dead Poet's Society

Dead Poet’s Society is one of those movies that will leave a profound impression on you. Playing the role of Professor John Keating, Robin Williams is the teacher that each one of you will wish to have in your real life. His portrayal of an ideal teacher - witty, inspiring, and out-of-the-box teaching methods, wins the heart not only of his students but also of the audience. This audience-gripping movie is efficacious to ride you through every emotion ardently. Be it morose, despair, anguish, anxiety, guffaw or love. If you are strong enough to hold your tears throughout the movie, just wait for the ending when Todd screams ‘O Captain! My Captain!’ and there you go.

#4. The Pursuit of Happyness

Feeling depressed? Switch on your screens to ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’. This tale of rags-to-riches will never ever fail to motivate you. Chris Gardner aka Will Smith, loses his life’s earnings on selling a product, which ultimately leaves him poor. Succumbing to poverty, his wife divorces him and he is left with the custody of his son. And then starts his journey of becoming ‘The Chris Gardner’. What makes this movie all the more effective and motivating is that it is based on the true story. Yes, you read it right! And if you have missed out on watching this movie, you must see this NOW!

#5. A Walk to Remember

Are you a big follower of romantic movies and can’t get over the movie ‘The Notebook’? Well, then you will fall truly, deeply and madly in love with this movie. ‘A Walk to Remember’ movie is based on the same-titled novel authored by Nicholas Sparks. The story revolves around the girl Jamie, who is sincere, philanthropist and waiting for her miracle; while Landon is the exact opposite of Jamie. It is not one of those cliche teenage love stories. It sure has a happy ending, but not the one that would fit your regular meaning of happy-ending. Make sure you have your kleenex with you when watching this movie.

#6. Hachi: A Dog's Tale

This movie is based on the true story of a faithful Akita Inu and is undoubtedly a must watch for every pet lover especially dogs. The movie shows the infrangible love of the dog for his master. A college professor finds a dog on his way back home and take it along to his abode. As the days pass by their affection for each other grows stronger, which makes their bond inseparable. Hachiko’s devotion towards his master is emotionally intense. It strongly makes you feel the pain of losing someone and not getting over it. If this doesn’t make you cry, God knows what possibly can.

#7. Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful’ is the beautiful manifestation of the bond of family and love. The jewish father and his family are taken to the Nazi death camp, where they are ill-treated and forced to live in the hostile environment. The father, in order to shield his son from the horror of the situation, humorously turns the whole situation into a game. And this game continues till you reach the end. It is the love of the father for his son, that makes this movie extremely heart-touching and lovely, in spite of the cruel holocaust that it evinces. 

Warning: Keep the kleenex and a caring shoulder by your side and only then plan on watching the above movies.


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