6 Sartorials Which Show Vintage Fever is Back in Fad

From laughing our heart out loud on seeing the attires of old classic movies to adoring them profoundly, we all realised how the old classics will stay with us for time immemorial. Not only for their intriguing story lines but also for the serious fashion goals that they have given us. Seeing the recent trends (in both man and woman's clothing), it is crystal clear how the yesteryear's fad became the gem of today. And the celebrities flaunting their panache inspired from the past is just another manifestation of this. So, here are some of the outfits from the 70's and 90's, which are yet again creating an impression.

#1. Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans, well-known for their rough and cool look, is not included in the list of our latest innovation. However hard it is to believe, they were first rolled out in the 70s. This jeans are unisex and has never lost its shin on its audience,

#2. Denim Dungarees

These denim dungarees are the perfect clothing for that cute chick look. They keep it casual yet trendy with their bewitching design. These dungarees are perfect for the casual outing and trekking as well.

#3. Crop Tops

Crop tops are the style statement of many leggy lasses including the celebrities. This tops not only make you look spectacular but also boost up your confidence. They can almost by matched with any of the attire like jeans, palazzo, culottes and skirts.

#4. Check/Block Print

Check or block print has rescued the foppish men from the boring clothes and gave the women yet another option to adorn their closet with yet one more style. The block print can be worn on the bottom as well as top. And yet again, women stay ahead in the options. The check print for women is available in almost every sartorial like frill short skirt, skin-fit pant, one piece and shorts.

#5. Contrasting Blazers

Lost in the time immemorial, contrasting blazers have made a grand entry into the fashion industry. They have set the new fad. Wearing the blazer of contrasting colour, if carried properly, can give you a ravishing look.

#6. Skin-fit Denims

From skin-fit jeans to baggy pants and now to skin-fit again, here we are back to where we started. These jeans open an option for filling the men's closet. Adapted from retro styles, these pair of jeans can be fused with t-shirt, shirt or even polo.

The above attires entirely justify the age-old proverb 'Old is gold'. So, raid your father's or mother's wardrobe, because we are sure their wardrobe holds the treasure you are seeking.


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