Summer 2017 - Perfect Reason to Tart Up Your Closet

Summer brings with it the cordial days to throng your mouth with the delectable delicacies like ice creams and cold drinks, without fearing the gruesome cold and cough, which almost never leave you in winter. But as we all know, every coin has two sides. Summer, on the other side, is also a reminder of how severely sweaty and extremely hot, it will be. Going out in that skin-fit denim and full-sleeves shirt will provide you with all the discomfort that you can possibly think of. And it might be the last option that you want to think of in the sweltering heat. Hence, it is time for you to make your closet Summer-friendly and avail the full advantage of the Summer sale.

Check out our list of Summer sartorial essentials, that are must this season to become a trend setter without compromising on the comfort part.

#1. Time to Replace Your Skin-fit Denims

Albeit denims are considered 'ready-to-wear' outfit, the Culottes and Palazzos are the red-hot attires this season. They are the ideal ones for Summer because of their wide flare and the comfortable frill. They are the perfect fusion of vogue and solace.

#2. Subtle Hues of Pastels

This season is all about the different shades of pastels. The vintage shades are all around on the ramp. Pastels are the perfect way to beat the heat and spread the panache in your style. These picture-perfect colours are the ones that will make you perfect Summer dresses.

#3. All those Ruffled Off-shoulders 

Crop tops and off-shoulders have become quite a staple, but believe us Summer is the season to show-off all those ruffles with grace. These crop tops and off-shoulders are a thing that everyone is obsessed with. They set you free, unlike those skin-tight tees. They are your saviour, when you face the dilemma of finding that suitable outfit. 

#4. Nail it with Stripes

Stripe is the pattern that never goes out of trend. When in doubt, go for stripes, is what basically every girl chants. There are many variations in stripes like sailor stripes, pin stripes, etc; it all depends upon your choice.

#5. Synonymous to Summer is Florals

Go for the trendy florals, which are the evergreens in the fashion industry. They are your flawless summer partner and will always give you the charismatic appearance. When buying Summer clothes, the florals are the must-haves.

So, perk up your closet and add the extra bling to it by owning all the Summer must-haves. With the Summer offers on online shopping, your shopping budget requires no more addition. Own the latest!


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