Holi- Different Colours, Different Ways, But The Same Zeal!

The country with one of the richest cultures from all around the world. The country where the celebrations go on round the clock. The country where the culture, the language, the lifestyle, the dresses change in every corner. Is my country India. The differences at times may leave you amazed as to how these corners are a part of one same country. No matter how larger the difference, what binds us all together is the glorious past and the zeal to live the present with pure liveliness.

Holi, as a festival is like a huge tree. The significance, the back-story of festival remains the same like the tree’s trunk. The main essence remains about the colours. But, as the branches grow, they start showing different characteristics. This branches are the celebrations of Holi in different states. Let’s have a look at a few of those:

1) Lathmar Holi – Barsana, UP:

This is the quirkiest version that any sort of festival can get. This version of holi is celebrated in Barsana region (Vrindavan, Mathura, Nandgaon, and of course Barsana) Uttar Pradesh. Here, interestingly, festival is celebrated using Lathis (Wooden-sticks) along with colours. And as the tradition goes, women chase away (and hit too!) the men with lathis. The men try to shield themselves as much as they can while wooing! The un-lucky ones are captured by the enthusiastic women who then, make the men wear female clothing and dance in public! Scary! :O

2) Hola Mohalla – Punjab:

This version of holi is celebrated in areas of Punjab wherein all the people come together on the second day post holi dahan. Historically, Guru Gobind Singh started this festival a day for sikhs to practice their military exercises and mock battles. And for obvious reasons, it is also known as warrior Holi. Moreover, a (3-day long) fair is held at Anandpur Sahib which people rush-in large numbers to cherish.

3) Yaosang – Manipur:

In Manipur,Yaosang i.e., Holi is celebrated for six days starting on Full Moon. Although the main essence of celebration remains the same, Holi is considered to the most important festivals for the locals. The main highlight of this festival is the 5-day long sports festival in every corner and nook of the state along with Thabal Chongba (Dancing in The Moonlight) – a Manipuri Folk Dance.

4) Rang Panchmi - Maharashtra & MP:

This version is considered to be the most exciting way of celebrating Holi. People of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh celebrate with colours on the fifth day(Panchami) after the Holika-Dahan. Bhang is a notable presence in the celebrations here!

5) Shigmo - Goa:

A massive spring celebration for the Hindus in Goa is the Shigmo Festival. Also known as Shishirotsav. There are two variants of this festival : Dhakto Shigmo and Vhadlo Shigmo. Dhakto Shigmo is generally celebrated by farmers, the labour class and the rural population, while Vhadlo Shigmo is of greater consequence and is celebrated by everyone together. Here, traditional folk and street dances are done by farmers. Even tourists at Goa celebrate this festival with a lot of excitement.

Notable Mentions: Manjal Kuli-Kerala, Hampi Karnataka, Phakuwah- Assam, Elephant Holi – Jaipur, Khadi Holi- Uttrakhand.

Be it any form , be it any version. Holi Gifts are not out of fashion. They never will be. So, choose from the exciting Holi Offers available and surprise your loved ones with colours and gifts!


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