Compelling Reads from Top 5 Indian Authors in 2017

“Books are like closets. Open anyone, and an entire world of Narnia is awaiting your entry.” Books are like our gateways to the wanderlust places. The places where we find ourselves. Surely, there are different forms in which stories are presented to us. But, books have remained the epitome or rather an epicentre of all. Be it any type of book, they, in general empower the authors to express a fresh perspective to anything and in any manner they wish to. Indian authors have earned accolades right from the time when words started forming stories and stories started becoming sagas. They still are grabbing attention on an international level with their work. Let’s have a look at some of the famous Indian authors and their work which is flooding the book stores, currently:

#1- Aravind Adiga :

The shrewdness of differences in two stark realities of living in urban Indian were at display in his first novel - “The White Tiger”. It is needless to say that his depiction of the dark truths won him several accolades worldwide. For this book, he also won the man booker prize in the year 2008. His other equally famous works include Last Man In Tower, Between the Assassinations, Selection Day, Aravind began his career as a journalist in Finance sector and graduated to becoming a full-time author with ‘The White Tiger’. His latest book ‘Selection Days’ is surely the book to go for!

#2- Ashwin Sanghi :

“The MBA graduate from Yale University who joined Family business as an entrepreneur” - these are the words that defined Ashwin Sanghi, until 2006. This is the year when his first book - ‘The Rozabal Line’ was launched. The book became an instant hit in the Indian arena which propelled him to play dual roles of an entrepreneur and an author. Fast-forwarding to a few years, he soon got a nickname of Indian-Dan Brown, due to his coveted bestselling works like - ‘Chanakya’s Chants’ and ‘The Krishna Key’. Further, ‘Private India’ co-written by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson announced him as an author to watch-out internationally. It eventually hit the New York Times Bestsellers List as well. His latest works - ‘The Sialkot Saga’ and ‘Private Delhi’ are the books you should grab first, if you have not read them already.

#3- Vikram Seth :

Vikram Seth is a novelist, travel writer, librettist, poet, memoirist and novelist. Amongst the other awards accolading his achievements, he has also won the Padma Shri award. He is best known for his epic novel 'A Suitable Boy'. He is the distinguished winner of the ‘WH Smith Literary Award’ and the Commonwealth Writers Prize. Some of his other interesting works include ‘Beastly Tales from Here and There’ , ‘An Equal Music’, ‘All you Who Sleep Tonight’, ‘Arion and The Dolphin’, ‘Summer Requiem’, ‘The Humble: Administrator’s Garden’, ‘Two Lives’, ‘Mappings’, the list seems never ending. However, his upcoming book - ‘A Suitable Girl’- a sequel to his famous book - ‘A Suitable Boy’, is already creating ripples in the market.
#4- Amitav Ghosh :

Another Padma Shri award winner of the list - Amitav Ghosh is an anthropologist and prolific writer. He was born in Calcutta but his student life coursed across Delhi, Oxford and Egypt. His most popular works are The Circle of Reason, The Shadow Lines, and In an Antique Land, Flood of Fire and the list goes on. Recently, he was felicitated with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Mumbai LitFest, 2016 for his extraordinary contribution to the field.

#5- Amish Tripathi:

Amish Tripathi - An IIM-C Graduate and a fan of mythology took the market by storm with his first book - ‘The Immortals of Meluha’. This trilogy is considered to be one of the most successful series of books in India. His first part of the ramchandra series - ‘Scion of Ikshvaku’ was welcomed wholeheartedly by the readers all over the country. Astoundingly, over 3.5 million copies have been sold of his books in multiple languages! Moreover, he has announced the second edition to the same - ‘Sita-Warrior From Mithila’ to be launched in 2017. Exciting!

Notable Mentions : Shashi Tharoor and Twinkle Khanna. If you have been following the social media in the last one year, you probably know why these names are here.

At the end of your solo travel trips or any sort of journeys, you are never the same you were at the beginning. You Evolve. Grow. Upgrade. Mature. Call it whatever you like. Books are those trips.” Prepare yourself for another Solo trip, hop onto the internet and buy books online!


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