Vlogging. OR Is it Blogging? It’s VIDEO-BLOGGING!

Technology has succeeded in bringing a tectonic shift in almost all aspects of our life.You can even replace the word technology by Internet while you are at it. Internet now, is such an integral part of our lives that it is inane even to think about a life without it. So much so that the coming generation will not even realize that there can even be a life without internet. Internet has changed the way we eat, the way we speak, the way we celebrate, the way we connect, the way we earn. In a gist, it has changed the way we live. Vlogging- which did not even exist as a term (major number of people are not yet aware) has already become the smartest and the latest profession already. On asking a teenager recently - “So what do you want to become?”, I received an answer that left me in a daze. Now I know what he meant when he said - “ I want to become a vlogger!”. If you still have not figured out what vlogging means, well vlogging stands for ‘video-blogging’. And, if you recently found out what blogging is, you need to speed up mate!

Let me help you catch up. If you have been secretly dreaming about becoming a vlogger, then you have struck a goldmine for which you may thank me later. But, first let’s have a look the best vlogging cameras (Yes! They are not a myth) available in the Indian market currently:

1)Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Although the fact that whether it is the best camera suitable for vlogging is debatable. But, the reason that it is considered to be the best DSLR available in the market. The astonishing fact here is that it was released in 2014 (it already seems long ago) and due to this it does not contain major and some basic features like Wi-Fi. And, yes still it is considered the best DSLR currently in 2017. The industry has reached a technological dead-end, they say. The reasons are many. But that is for some other time. Right now, let’s have look that the features that makes this the best camera:
  • Full-frame camera with an ability to provide path-breaking result.
  • A fairly great battery life (950 shots approx)
  • Crazy-high ISO capacity for low light.
  • The best auto-focus system available in the market.

2)Sony A7RII

With the arrival of Canon EOS 80D and Canon 750D, it is not a very surprising fact now to know that the brand leading the other competitors in this arena by a ‘Usain Bolt’-ish lead is Canon. However, if there is one camera that has even dared to give a competition to 5D Mark III then it is Sony’s A7RII.  Again, it is a mirrorless camera that you can buy for any purpose including vlogging. What makes it great it factors mentioned below in which it has given 5D Mark III a run for the money:
  • Similar price range and additionally it can also record 4K unlike 5D Mark III.
  • Better sensor and better auto-focus.
  • Much smaller and easier to carry.
  • WiFi and NFC (which 5D Mark III lacks).

3) Canon EOS M3:

This is certainly a stand-out option in this list and an outstanding camera. You’ll know why in a short while. It can easily be mistaken for a compact digital camera due to it’s build. Wait till you get your hand on it. It is not only a mirrorless camera but it also contains a sensor that is 2 times bigger than the G7X. It has an APC-S sensor making it brilliant in low-light conditions. The reason it stands-out is the microphone input. So, Canon EOS M3 just saves you from all that pain of using an external recorder.

4) Canon Powershot G7 X MARK II

It certainly lives up to the legacy of its predecessor G7 X Mark I which was considered to be the best vlogging camera. This one becomes the leader with just few additional features and tweaks, enhancing its performance by manifolds. While DSLRs are my personal favourite, logically compact cameras are worth-it when it comes to vlogging. It has the same amazing lens flip touchscreen, wireless connection, great image quality even in low light and accurate and fast autofocus like G7 Mark I. But the features below are what makes G7 Mark II distinguishingly better:
  • A new rubber grip in design (comes in very handy. Trust me, It does!) which does not allow it to slip through your hands grip.
  • Better Processor, which makes it comparatively faster.
  • Improved auto-focus in low light conditions.
  • Cleaner quality in Low light.
  • Better battery management.

The only feature it lacks is 4K recording. Well, if that is what you are looking for, the one below is just for you.

5) Panasonic LX10

As soon as it comes to compact cameras, Panasonic is a name that you just can’t go mentioning without. It has been receiving a lot of attention in the industry especially due to its video capabilities. The main reason behind Panasonic LX10 is because it provides 4K recording at the cheapest rates in the market. To add to it, it is devoid of the major problem other 4K recording cameras have faced i.e., overheating. It’s flip touch-screen makes it instant hit amongst the vloggers.

Notable mentions: Canon EOS 80D, Canon 750D, etc.
Note: The above list contains a mixture of DSLRs and Compact Cameras.

In a nutshell, the camera that you should go for DSLR or Compact or Camcorder, highly depends on your requirements. And it is needless to say that buying cameras online is the most feasible thing to do as you can easily compare multiple options together. Moreover, it is not advisable to go for an Audi if you do not know how to drive a car. Well, it exactly means what you understood. After all - “It is not only the camera but the eye behind it that matters more.”


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