Top 5 Apps to Stay Connected

You’d be dazed and amazed if you turn around just once and observe the path we as humans have traversed with conversations and words. While others keep themselves immersed in the dead-end way of conversing, a curious mind thinks - “Okay what’s next?” and new exciting manner emerges. And the cycle goes on.

It is these question that has been the driving force behind our journey from Letters to Telegrams, from Telegrams to Landlines, from Landlines to Mobile Phones, from Mobiles to Internet. Before, someone chips in - “What’s next?” and a new way emerges, let’s have a look at some of the best messaging apps that are preferred currently-

#1- WhatsApp:

It is not just a Mobile Application. It is a revolution. Revolution that has swiped off all other ways from their feet. It is hard to find a person with a smartphone and not having WhatsApp in it. The credit of this app largely goes to the fact that it is free. If your phone is connected to a WiFi network, you can call or text any person in any part of the world. There is not much need to say more about the app, as you probably already know. Unless you’ve been hiding underground or on an island with no connectivity in the past decade.

#2- Facebook Messenger:

It already is another stalwart which obviously finds a place in your phone. A messenger app for your facebook contacts. Of course, it helps you stay connected with your friends and persons who are not more than acquaintances or long forgotten in the attics of dust filled past. So, whom are getting back in touch with again?

#3- Hike:

If there is any app that can come closer to Sir Donald Bradman (WhatsApp) of Mobile Messaging Apps than it is Sachin Tendulkar (Hike). Well, the comparison is preposterous when it comes to cricket, but it fits just right when you think about messaging apps. What makes it worth having on your device (be it Android Mobile phone or an iPhone) is the collection of stickers that it has, which are still missing in WhatsApp. I guess this why the youngsters prefer Hike!?

#4- IMO:

Ask the folks who have their kids or their relatives living abroad and they’ll tell you the importance of IMO. Famous for it’s Video Calling quality, it also allows you to send messages in chat. What’s more? No matter, what device your loved one is, text or video call them for free. Of course, you need internet connectivity. I know, you’d still ask -” What’s more?” - Group Video Call! Yes, go figure it out now!

#5- Google Allo:

A relatively new, but considered to be the smartest app in this arena. Also, the fact that it is from Google makes it a strong contender. What further works for it is the refreshingly feel good new look. If that is not all, it is packed by Google Assistant (you knew that was coming! I know) and some other exciting features like Smart Reply, Ink and so on. Trust me, they are quite exciting!

The world is moving on to images to converse and the words are losing their meanings. Be it any way, Hold on to the ones who matter. For the words may be here forever, they will not.


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