5 Different Traditions Around the World to Celebrate Father's Day

The arrival of June brings with it the air of celebrating the powers of that Superhero, who has always protected you and never left your side even when others did – your Father. The one man whom girls adore dearly and boys follow as a role model. He always makes sure to give a pinch of courage when you are afraid, a dose of inspiration when you are all hopeless and a bit of his anecdotes to make things easier for you.

June 18 - 'Father's Day' is just around the corner and you must be lost in your profound thoughts thinking about what to give him. "In India", this day is celebrated with children giving gifts like greeting cards, mobiles, clothes, books and etc; to their fathers. But how about taking some inspiration from some traditional ways across the globe and do something out of the box for your father? Have a look at some of the celebrations that take place in various countries and choose your way of commemorating the day.

#1. Mexico

Mexicans have the most unqiue way of celebrating the spirit of fatherhood. In Mexico, Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and is not an official holiday. The fathers are supposed to participate in a city-wide race in Mexico City, which is denominated as Carrera Día Del Padre 21K Bosque de Tlalpan. Apart from that, the families also enjoy a feast and give presents to their fathers.

#2. Nepal

In Nepal, Father's Day is popularly known as 'Bubako Mukh Herne Din', 'Kushe Aunshi', 'Pitri Tarpani Aunshi' or 'Gokarne Aunshi'. The day is counted as an auspicious day to pay homage to one's father. The folks of Nepal honor their father by doing gifting and preparing the favourite things of one's father. Apart from this, a ceremony is held in which the boy touches his head to his father's feet and a touches her head to her father's hand. The day falls on the no moon day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadra.

#3. Thailand

It is a tradition in Thailand to celebrate the Father's Day on the birthday of the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, which falls on December 5th. All the thais traditionally wore yellow colour, and gifted their fathers and grandfathers Canna flowers, a symbol of masculinity in Thailand

#4. Japan

The fathers in Japan are gifted with sweets, handmade beer glasses which are complemented with flowers sometime. Instead of buying father'sday gifts, the Japanese children gather the flowers and put efforts in making one. The commemorable meal often comprises of seafood especially crabs and prawns.

#5. Germany

Father's Day is popularly termed as Vatertag or Men's Day in Germany and the celebration entirely differs from that of the other parts of the world. It is celebrated by enjoying all the male-activities like hiking, drinking and biking by the men whereas women stay back at home. This day comes after forty days of Easter on the Thursday which is also tagged as the 'Ascension Day'.

Hurry up and plan your surprises inspired from the above traditional celebrations, because the Father's day is just a few days away. So, get the most unique best father's day gift and bring that huge smile on his face.


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