5 Offbeat Colours of Bridal Wear that are Ruling 2017

Ditching the reds on the wedding day, the modern-age bride sees it as an adventure to choose her wedding attire. Undoubtedly, the shades of scarlet on the bridal lehengas look astonishing, but it isn't a law for a bride to settle for the colour that doesn't necessarily excite her. Breaking the stereotypes, the brides now-a-days prefer to drape themselves in unique designer wedding dresses which comprise a melange of different breath-taking colours. Not-to-forget, they totally owned the breathtaking look in those colourful lehengas. And one can only ruminate about wearing and owning one of them too.

So, if you are looking out for some of the distinguishing shades for your bridal attire, we have listed a volley of colours that are the trendsetters of 2017 and will give you an astonishing look. Scroll down to have a look:

#1. A Minty Twist for Fashion-obsessed Queen

Mint has been the trending colour of the year. It has been the attraction spot for many of the nonpareil designers. This freshness of mint can be infused with many colours like orange, pink and black. It will definitely give you a spunky look and is a go-to colour, when in doubt. It is impossible not to come across this colour when searching for the perfect wedding attire.

#2. Pale Blue with Delicate Work

Blue is one of the most favourite colours of the ladies and it definitely beats the pink as against the childhood fact of how pink is supposed to be the one. Pale blue is the running colour and is among the few chosen ones over every other colour by the brides. It augments the beauty of the bride with its bright colour and make them dazzle even more. Pale blue can be worn alone or can be mixed with other dark shades like red, black, green and pink.

#3. Grey and Gold Speaks Perfection

Grey and gold are the most coveted colours and when worn by the lady, makes her look like a diva. These colours boost her confidence which only adds to her charm. This unusual combination will give you an ethereal look. If you want to try something out of the box, this is the one you should go for.

#4. Bottle Green for the Love of Dark Shades

Bottle green looks much prettier than you think. This dark shade of green adorned with sequins, stones and embroidery gives it an adorable look. The combination is unavoidably beautiful and makes an ideal bridal dress for the morning bride. The colour can be matched with beige and red to give an astonishing piece of beauty.

#5. Blush with Subtle Work

Blush is one of the most sophisticated colours and all you can see through is elegance that colour leaves behind. One colour that will make you look like a princess is this subtle shade of pink. What better than blush colour, if you want to replicate the disney princess? The embellishments of gold and silver blended with the pastel green adds to its cuteness. Be it a gown or a lehenga, the unforgiving charm of this shade will linger even after the day is over.

So ladies, take a hiatus from your exhausting shopping and relax. Because now you are well aware of what colours to opt for making your D-day a beautiful memory with the beautiful attire.


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