Happiness-Packed Deal Of The Day

Magic. The word is enough to for sheer amusement and joy. And this is the place, where such amusements come in bundle; for the length of a whole day! Who don't like the sound of the words 'Deals & Discounts' ! Specially when it covers your favourite items. Infibeam's magic box brings, range of lifestyle, electronic and media products; with hot deals to blow your mind and not budget! So deal of the day is for all those shopping freaks, and even for those shop go for budget shopping.

Online Deals, comes in various avatars & during different seasons. But magic box offers online deals, that gets you the online shopping deals, round the year. Each day you get 24 hours, to shop from the eight products, available on this hot deals. The box opens for you, when the clock strikes 12 in the midnight and continues for the span of 24 hours. We know the work schedules, makes you skip the live shopping, in day time. And after work hours, your quality family time shouldn't ever be overshadowed by any damn thing in the universe. So, why not go and check on that online shopping deals, at the leisure of midnight. 

Magic Box changes it's products, after every 24 hours. So you have a wide chance of getting your long awaited product, in that magic box with great deals & discounts. There are several perks of going for such deals online. You can also order them for your loved ones, and surprise them with the joy of oneness. Remembering what your loved ones are in a search for, strengthens your bond with them. With Infibeam, continue to water and nurture your relation with your friends and family; by sending them gifts from such online deals as a gesture of your love. Subscribing to our deal of the day of magic box, would keep your updated with our daily discounted products. Cause, shopping becomes rationally a stress-buster, when it's with such deals online!


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