Fascinating Beliefs & Science Behind Different Jewelleries

An Indian bride is always covered with all the embellishments from head-to-toe on her D-day. And in India, it will be equal to an 8th wonder to find a bride without her bridal jewellery. But has it ever been one of those things that you pondered upon to try and find out the reasons behind brides wearing those sparkling but bulky ornaments? If yes, it's time to find all the answers that you are seeking for. For instance, the earrings, apart from their acupuncture benefits, are also believed to protect the bride from the evil spirits.

The reasons that have been inconspicuous from your view for long are decoded by us right here. Take a look on our list comprising of few traditional women's jewellery along with the beliefs & science that lie behind them.

#1. Ring

The wedding ring is worn on the third finger of your left hand and is considered as an invaluable ornament owned by the couple. The ancient Romans believed that, the nerves passing through the third finger of left hand is directly connected to the heart and that is the reason why the wedding ring is worn particularly on the third finger.

#2 Earrings

Earrings have an acupuncture effect on the body. Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, around 470 B.C. proclaimed it as a remedy and treatment for menstrual problems. Apart from this, it is said that the evil spirits tend to enter the body through its openings. So, the earrings also protect the evil from possessing the brides.

#3 Bangles

Bangles are unavoidable for the bride. Bangles especially the glass bangles signify the safety and are believed to bring luck for a woman's husband. The design and material of the bangles vary from region to region but the belief stay rooted.

#4 Anklet

The Anklet, popularly denominated as Payal, are worn around ankles. The scientific reason being that by wearing the anklets, one's energy is not wasted but re-vibrated back to one's own body. Apart from this, they also announce the arrival of the bride in her husband's house through the mellifluous chiming of the anklet.

#5 Maang Tikka

Quiet a famous head apparel among ladies. It is placed right on the centre of the head, where the pendant falls on the forehead, glorifying the overall beauty of the bride. Right where the centre of Maang Tikka falls, lies an Ajna Chakra, which in Sanskrit means “to know or perceive”. The chakra is represented by two petals which signify the holy union of male and female on a spiritual, physical and emotional level. Maang Tikka also helps in controlling the heat of the body.

#6 Nose Ring

Benefits of wearing a nose ring is similar to that of wearing earrings. It has acupuncture-benefits and also when pierced at the node of particular nostril, it alleviates the pain during monthly periods in women. It is preferred that women wear nose rings on the left nostril since the nerves leading from the left nostril are associated with the female reproductive organs. Piercing the nose on the left nostril also helps in easing childbirth as the nerves of left nostril are directly connected with the female reproductive organs.

#7 Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is made using gold, silver or a black thread depending on the financial capacity of the groom. It defines the marital status of a women in Hinduism. The gold wire of the Mangalsutra destroys the distressing vibrations present in the Universe and the black colour of the beads is said to absorb all negative vibrations before they can reach the bride. The stringing together of the beads into one thread signifies that just as each bead contributes to make a beautiful necklace, so does the woman have to blend and integrate into the new family after marriage.

So, the notion 'Jewelleries are the best friends of women', is not fallacious after all even in literal term. Now that you know the significance of all the fashionable jewelleries that a bride wears, go and flaunt your knowledge in front of others. You can always thanks us later.


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