10 Corporate Gift Ideas For Your Employees

Diwali is perhaps the biggest festival celebrated in India. We usually exchange gifts and wishes with our family members and loved ones. It is customary to spread cheer and happiness with those close to us. But what about your employees. After all they are your professional family with whom you spend most of your day. And, Diwali is the most appropriate time to show that you care. So, why not make them feel special by gifting them something nice and make memories that they can cherish for life.

To decide to what to give to your employees can be a tough task, so here we are with the 10 most awesome corporate gift ideas for your employees.

Backpacks are one of the most common and perhaps the most useful corporate gift to be given to the employees.  Who does not need a cool looking and spacious backpack for themselves? You can either give them classy black backpacks that go with every attire or you can choose various colours and patterns. You can get your company’s name printed on the bag too to get a unique feel.

Pens are one of the good options as a corporate gift. You can give decent high quality and bold finish pens from latest editions. Or else, you can get your personal motivating message engraved on the pens and give them to the employees. You can even get the name of the employees or the company engraved on the pens.

Diaries can become very good corporate gift. There are now so many versions of office diaries. You can get names imprinted on the cover to give a more personalised touch.

Sweets have always been a major part of our tradition. You can give sweet and chocolate gift hampers to your employees and wish them sweetness in their lives. You can choose from n number of combinations of sweets and chocolates available. Also, you can add greeting cards, diyas or other small gifts to the set too.

Another gift pack synonymous to Diwali are dry fruits. Dry fruits look very good when given as gifts. You can pick up a single dry fruit of your choice or even combos of two, four or even six dry fruits as per your convenience.

Power Banks are much needed these days in our fast paced lives. If you want to give something that your employee remembers for a long time, powerbanks are great in that case. You can choose from a vide number of companies and n number of capacities as you want.

Pendrives are a necessity these days and do not even cost more. If you want to give something techie and have a budget issue, pendrives are the way to go. You can get you company’s name printed on the pendrives as well.

T shirt can be a very cliche and old school corporate gift but never went out of fashion. Get nice polo t shirts and get the name of the company printed in a cool fashion. Your employee would be proud to portray your name in the public whenever he or she will wear that t shirt.

If you want to be traditional, you should gift your employees with small idols or statues of Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Ganesha or even both. You can choose them to be of brass, copper or even silver plated if you want to be thankful to your hard working employees.

Wall clocks look cool as a gift. They can have different designs, or even photo frames attached along. They can also carry your company’s name and can be beautifully personalised. They make a great gift for your employees’ home.

Now, these are just ten gifts that you could probably give to your employees. But there are so many options out there. And with technology these days and so many online shopping portals, the right corporate gift for your employees is just a click away.

So, spread happiness and love. Happy Diwali!


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