How To Rock This Winter


Winter has arrived!

This leaves you with so many options and colours to choose from. You can try different styles with many layers and bold patterns to rock your winter. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and accessories to go with those styles of dressings. You can get the best of the latest winter wear collections if you let your imagination run wild. 

So what are you waiting for, just go through the checklist for winter and let your creativity go gaga on you.

Here is a list of a few winter fashion ideas that might help you out this fall.

  1. The Layered Queen

One of the best things about winters is that you can all layer it up and experiment with clothes that you have never worn together otherwise. You sport a shift dress with a shirt inside and with a jacket on the outside. Or else have a cool chick look with a shirt under a cool sweater and a coat on top. You can even wear a bold or neon camisole with a sheer top and a denim jacket on top to rock. So it all depends upon how far you are willing to go.

  1. Wrap It Up In Style

Scarves, stoles, dupattas and shawls have always been a big part of the winter wears. And now with new trends and patterns, you can jazz up your look with layering these with your outfits. You can sport a cool scarf with bold and loud colours alongside an all black outfit. You can have silk and subtle patterns for your office wear. So it is totally upto you how want to define the flowing materials on you.

  1. Trendy Jackets & Coats

Jackets and coats have always been an integral way to go for in winters. You can pair up a jacket or a coat with indian as well as western wear. They can be of different materials and even various lengths like short, midway and overcoats. You can pair up jackets for layering with your favourite dresses too. Another cool women winter wear for women can be wearing a chic crop top with pant suit that has a long coat. This will give you great subtleness with a rock attitude. So, let yourself play with various jackets and enjoy the true essence of winters.

  1. Leggings At Their Best

Leggings can be a warm yet cool option for the winters. You can pose a nice pair of leggings under shorts with a cute crop top and a jacket or even beneath a dress to save yourself from the chills. Also, leggings can be paired up with a cute tunic top to give you a elegant yet trendy look for the winters.

  1. Sarees Meet Jackets

We always create something unique when we mix the east and the west in context of fashion. You can wear western jackets and coats of mid length with a saree. Instead of a blouse, you can try a crop top too. Other than that long coats look very elegant with a saree. You can also imagine a leather jacket with a all black saree paired up with elegant accessories.

  1. Salwar Kameez That Keeps You Warm

These days something that is in are the woolen salwar kameez. They can give you a very ethnic look and also keep you warm in the winters. You can get them in various styles with subtle, light and even bold colours.

So, here are some things that you you can try with your outfits this winter season. Why waste your creativity, try new things, new styles and let your creative self do the rest. 

Have a happy winter!


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