Amazing New Year Gift Ideas For 2018

Hey guys and girls out there! The new Year 2018 countdown has begun. There must be loads of enthusiasm and yet you might be in confusion about what gift to get for your dear ones. You just need to follow what your heart says when it comes to gifts. I know that choosing the right New Year gift for people close to you can be agonizing. But worry not, I am going to list out a few things that you might be interested in, if not, at least you could get some inspiration from these things for choosing the perfect gift and show how much you care. Below are a few things that can be given out at as New Year gifts to your family, friends, coworkers and even employees.

  1. Assorted Cookies

For those of your friends who have a sweet tooth, this might actually be an amazing gift. You can gift them a box of assorted cookies with all of their favourite flavours of cookies. Also, you can make a cute DIY jar or a box for the case and put them into it. This would become to be an amazing “sweet” New Year gift.

  1. Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolates have always been a popular choice of gifts for the New Year, perhaps one of the safest of the choices. Everybody loves a big basket full of chocolates. You can decorate the basket the way you want, carrying your personalised message and loads of your loved one’s favourite chocolates.

  1. Expensive Wine Bottle

They say that a good bottle of wine is bottled poetry. So for all your loved ones who love wine, you can get an awesome and old bottle of wine to pour your heart filled with love. Get the best wine in town and cook dinner and you are sure to sway them off their feet this New Year.

  1. Customized Cakes

Although it is in fashion. Yet  it is a new trend, your dear one’s photo or both of your photos or a memory printed on a beautiful cake and gift them that. Make the most of the 2017 memories this way. You can even get a collage of your photographs together printed on the cake. They are going to love this gift for sure.

  1. Printed Mugs

Printed mugs are the classics of the gifts yet are very popular for every possible occasion. You can get a nice picture or a cute message printed on the coffee mug. Your dear beloved will think about you every single time they take a sip of coffee from that very mug.

  1. Beautiful Journal Or Diary

Diaries are one of the best gifts for New Year. You can gift them a journal with dates of 2018 or even a blank journal, which they can decorate the way they want with their beautiful thoughts. You can even get the front cover printed with a nice photo or a message to your loved one.

  1. Gifts For Kids

When it comes to gifting the kids, you have a fairly good pool of options available at your disposal. You can give them chocolates, or a bag of goodies. You can even gift your child with cute and cuddly teddy bears. Better option would be story books and sketchbooks with a painting kit to help your child learn and explore their creative side.

  1. Corporate Gifts

There is a big list of gifts that you can opt for for your coworkers and employees. You gift them with diaries, desk clocks, customised pens, a calendar, or even a laptop bag. You can get customized t shirts for your employees with your company’s logo on it.

So, here is a list of a few things that you could perhaps consider as a gift for you friends and family. You can either choose from these or even let your imagination run wild with the coolest of DIYs to give a personalised touch to these. Let your best wishes be sent in style this year.

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2018!


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