What To Gift Him This Christmas?

"Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas."

Christmas is just not about giving gifts but more about making someone feel special. The customary Christmas gifts are just another way to say you care. And as Christmas is approaching, even you must be thrilled to buy gifts for your loved ones, your family and friends. While buying the perfect gift for your near and dear ones is already a gruesome job, selecting a gift for the men in your life, your father, brothers, boyfriend, husband and other male friends can be very hard and tiring. Selecting a gift for a man has never been easy. It takes a lot of thought to be put in for gifting something special to men and that too relevant to their respective ages, likes and dislikes.

So, here I give you some ideas about what to gift to the special men in your life to say you care. Read on and get inspired.

  1. Wrist Watch

Who does not like a new shining Rado on their wrist on a Christmas Morning. But if you want something that fits your budget, you can get other brands as well. But a beautiful wrist watch is a must on this list. Most men are obsessed with wrist watches. And if your father or brother or friend is looking for a replacement, then this is your chance to show them you care.

  1. Trimmer

Yeah you got it right. Men like to groom themselves too. So trimmer is an awesome gift that would surely be of his help in a long run. You can buy a single trimmer or a whole grooming kit which include different adjustable blades. This can make an amazing gift for both who like to maintain their beard and those who prefer to be clean shave.

  1. Sweatshirts or Jacket

What better gift for the winter holiday season than a sweatshirt or a cool jacket. You can gift a cool sweatshirt of his favourite sports icon or even get a cool leather jacket for him. Leather jackets add to a mysterious charm in any man and practically go with any attire. Your man would be awestruck.

  1. Spirit Gift Basket

If your man loves whiskey then you can gift small miniatures of his favourite whiskey. You can definitely make his Christmas and the New Year very enjoyable. Not only whiskey, but you can make a spirit goody basket for him with the miniatures of his favourite drinks. He would remember this gift for a long time.

  1. Headphones

If the guy in your life is a big time music maniac, then the headphones are a way to go. You can buy wired or wireless headphones of popular brands like Skullcandy or Bose. He would be happy taking this gift. You can  even choose among simple looking headphones or even the fancy ones, about which he had been bragging to buy since a long time now.

  1. Wallet

Wallets are the safest of all gifts for men. Choose an ultimate leather wallet. You can buy them in any shades of brown or black and even in various patterns. It can be long wallet or a triple fold one. These also come in various self embedded patterns.

  1. Personalised Mug

Personalised mugs are just life savers. If you are not able to decide on a gift, personalised coffee mugs would be the best. You can get amazing photographs or even text messages printed on it. It just makes an superb gift. Every time he sips some coffee, he would surely remember you.

So, here is a small list of Christmas gifts for men, which are totally cool and say aloud the love you have for the men in your life. So get up and get going. Get your gifts before it is too late.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas. And a very Happy New Year 2018!


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