7 Types Of Footwear A Woman Should Own In 2017

Confusion, Confusion!! Women go crazy when it comes to the wearing the right footwear at the right moment. What to wear and what not to? What to buy and what not to? Choosing the footwear that suits your style and matches the current fashion trend is a tough job that only a woman can understand. If you do not know what is in trend this year, then check out the shoes that a women should definitely own in 2017. The list here is sure to sweep you fashionistas off your feet. So all you divas, get ready to get a new footwear wardrobe makeover.

  1. PUMPS

Be it ankle strapped pumps, peep-toed, pointed, platforms or old school classic pumps, it is something that every girl dreams of walking in effortlessly. Pumps are shoes which add to your elegance. They first came into fashion in the 1800s. Pumps instantly change the glamour quotient of any outfit you wear. A good pair of pumps can make you look no less than a celebrity.


Who could have imagined heels to be so comfortable. Yes your are right if you are thinking about the good old wedges. The design of the wedges are such that the weight gets distributed evenly along the shoe and hence you get a height benefit with much lesser pain as compared to high heels and pumps. Wedges comes in many heights, colours, patterns and materials. So you can practically wear wedges to your office and also as casual wear to give that extra smart inch to your personality.


Kitten heels are the most comfortable heel size ever in the history of fashion. Kitten heels give you a subtle rise in height with utmost elegance. A women who usually has problems in wearing high heels would love to wear these for sure. You can totally wear kittens to your work. Also, they make really great pair to own for a casual dress. Kitten also look very good with ethnic Indian wear. Indian women are habitual of wearing heavy sequined dresses as ethnic wear, hence, kittens are a perfect match for that fact. They give you that slight rise and yet are super easy to walk in.


Boots for women come in many styles, more styles than you even knew. Ranging from boot style pumps, thigh boots, flats boots to oxford booties, boots offer a great deal of fashion trends to choose from. Boots can be worn with denims, capris, skirts and even shorts. They can look elegant as well as cheeky and sexy. They look exquisite during winters and make an awesome style statement. So this winter do not forget to impart style in the boot way.


All those cute chicks in town, who love to be easy than fashionable, have you ever imagined your life without those cute pair of sneakers? Sneakers are the best way to move around if you want to keep it casual. You can easily pair them up with cute denims, leggings, cool shorts, capris, skirts and even casual dresses. Sneakers are the best thing ever happened to those girls who do not want get out of their sweatpants. Just tighten them up and you can be on the go. Drive a car, run, walk, party or just chill in those super cute pair of sneakers. If you never owned one, you would not know that heaven can come in pairs too.


Cute, trendy, sober, decent and colourful options for those flat loving ladies are the ballerina flats. You can just wear them to the work without even thinking about that ankle discomfort those heels would cause. Just go throughout the day with ease. Even if you have a dinner planned after work, you can show up in those bellies and still look decently elegant. Ballet flats come in so many designs and patterns to choose from. They potrait a cute look on the outside and are super comfy in the inside. Ballet flats make a great pair for the summers too. You can practically wear them anywhere.


Gladiator sandals are one of the newest member in the world of fashionable footwear. These give you the comfort of the flats and trendiness of sandals. With a flat base and top reaching from ankles to thighs even, these sandals are a boon for casual party girls. The look great with casual wear but also can worn for parties and with short dresses. Comfortable and yet sexy, these sandals will give  you the look of the girl next door.

So, these are the top 7 footwear you ought to own in 2017. It can surely be difficult to go shopping at times, but still there are numerous designs, patterns and looks available for to surf through if you opt for online shopping. Most of these can be found easily on many online shopping websites, that too at great deals. So what are waiting for divas, go on and grab a pair of your choice and make a statement in the world of fashion.


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