Valentine’s Day - When Love Conquers Over

Another year, a new beginning, a resolution made. To fall again, in love, with you. Forever, on this day.” - Michael Faudet.

When you find someone, who calms your thoughts and the demons inside - your heart and soul finds a new destination. A destination which ends at another heart. And the roads which lead to it - are those unspoken words, the silence and some unexpressed feelings. The milestones you come across are the little things we unintentionally, or intentionally convey.

How often do we express our feelings to those who mean so much to us? And when you have a day like Valentine’s Day to celebrate it. And how about, not just a day - a series of heartfelt emotions reflecting in those days with all those heartwarming Valentine gifts.

Rose Day - 7th February

  Rose Day

The first step towards that blossoming love. A Red Rose to initiate a feeling towards that special someone. To make them know, they are the one your eyes search for when they wander around. To show them, they are always on your mind.

Propose Day - 8th February

For the stars in your eyes might shine another’s night. The day which marks to specifically approach and express your affection and sentiments towards them. When your steps are ready to take that plunge. When you finally get the courage to express how you feel for someone, to make them a part of your life.

Chocolate Day - 9th February

This day marks the start of a new bond, where you spoil your significant other with sweet little things. Chocolates release endorphins and delight your heart and mind. This is the day where you celebrate this new feeling when you are happy and feel joyous.

Teddy Day - 10th February

Teddies are considered as a form of showing affection. It’s almost a way or a gesture that your special someone is a the most precious thing to hold on to. The warm and cozy feelings a Teddy gives, is almost synonymous to how they feel when they hold each other.

Promise Day - 11th February

Promises are meant to be broken - it is said. This day however, shows - whatever happens in the future, whatever may be the circumstances and even if the promises break. They are there for them, forever. An agreement to share love and losses together.

Hug Day - 12th February

Hugs are defined as one of the purest and the warmest gesture of showing love and affection. For, in the midst of someone’s arms, heartbeats are the loudest and the silence is at its peak.

Kiss Day - 13th February

Sealed with a kiss. Kisses are a form of sweet nothings whispered through one heart to another. It shows the deep affection, love and desire to want someone. The ones which melt the insides of one’s heart.

Valentine’s Day - 14th February

As the journey of the love sets its course - it is important to celebrate a new beginning. For the new changes and the one that you have in your life - the one whom you love with all your heart.

You and I will always be unfinished business”.


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