6 Reasons To Say “Will You Be My Valentine?’ To Your BFF

Single? Taken? Ready to mingle? Broke up? Lost the will to live or love again? Whatever you are going through, or have gone through - there is this one person whom you can always count on. They are there for you in your happier times as well as your testing times - your BFF. They are so underrated. What else do you want in your Valentine? These are the only things you look for. To cheer you up, to guide you, to hold you, to scold you, to be there with you forever - till death do you apart. Why look for someone else, when you have them right there with you.

Now, doesn’t that make your BFF, your best Valentine, like ever? Still need convincing? Go on read some of these reasons, probably with your BFF by your side. And sing along with the lines of Bruno Mars’ You can count on me like 1,2,3...I’ll be there. Coz’ that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah…”

#1. Watching those flicks together. Your girlfriend might just watch because you love action. Your boyfriend might just watch it with you because they love YOU. Your BFF would watch it because they love the movie too. Which one’s better? Decide yourself.

#2. Outfits! Shopping! Who else would be your partner in crime other than your BFF? Plus you don’t have to show off with that hot Lingerie too. You can just chill out in your sweatpants or Pyjamas.

#3. Saying those three words to show how much they mean to you. No need to have a ‘perfect’ setting. You can say it without being nervous. And you can even ‘propose’ them because they are already yours forever.

#4. Watching that important Soccer match of Man United, Liverpool or Chelsea. Or playing a FIFA game on your gaming console. Whether it is Call Of Duty or GTA - your BFF will watch or play because they love these things too.

#5. Catch the latest episode of Sherlock or GOT with your BFF - or go out with your girlfriend/boyfriend for that romantic dinner? Always a tough call. Your BFF might just say to go out and have that dinner instead. Don’t listen. Because “they know nothing!” and you can relax too because this isn’t really ‘The Final Problem’.

#6. If you want to party hard and your girlfriend just wants a warm cuddly night. Or, if you want to go and get drunk, and your boyfriend just wants to have a romantic dinner. Total mess! Instead, order a large Pizza and go Netflix with your BFF. Sounds perfect, now, isn’t it?

Now, these are far many reasons, why your BFF is just the best person to be your Valentine this season. They have got your back. They are there for you to laugh, cry, vent, yell, sing - all you want. And for some deep conversations too. Why would you want anyone else? Now, go and ask them ‘Will you be my Valentine?


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