Journey of Valentine's Day In India

The day to cherish the reveries of those feelings for your loved ones! This is what Valentine’s Day Offers. Valentine's Day is now celebrated with equal zeal (although different ways) all over the world (except a few islamic countries). It’s journey in India (still a very young) has been nothing less than a life story of a Homo Sapien. From being a Radical Wave as a newborn it has transformed to being the most loved teenager in the family of festivals.

Initially, it was considered simply a bad influence of western culture on the youngsters along with some other fads like torn jeans, atheism etc. But, as time passed, this day blended into our ‘round-the-year-celebrations-filled’ routine, and as usual, we developed our own version of Valentine’s day. The Valentine’s day that we see and celebrate today is the result. Initially, It was down-looked as simply a hormonal-play. Gradually, it found acceptance in our society (just as everything does) and it started gaining familiarity into other ages (other than youngsters) as well.

Traditionally, Valentine’s day was (is) about expressingyour love. Over time, the ways of expressing these feelings or the customs of Valentine’s day kept evolving. Although the essence remained the same. Exchange of valentines flowers, cards, gifts for the same gained heavy popularity with passing time and they are still considered the best medium to follow the biggest tradition of this day. i.e., pampering one's beloved and making a romantic proposal to one's sweetheart. The nucleus of all of these remains love, which has not changed and it probably never will.

The major tectonic shift that this festival has seen is in the perspective how the people see this festival. No more is it just about the young couples, drowned neck deep and floating in the sea of romance. It is now simply seen as an opportunity to express your love towards other people. And this may include your parents, teachers, siblings, friends, co-workers or just anyone special. The idea simply remains is to celebrate love, get love and give love to everyone around us.

The veteran lovers have especially resorted to this day. Because, after staying together for a long time, words start failing. They are simply not enough. So this Valentine’s day, go online and shop valentine’s dresses, valentine’s jewellery or valentine’s watches and many other such things based on your budget and your choice! Because where words fail, gifts don’t!


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