6 Things You'd Want to Steal from Your Man's Wardrobe

The only thing, your boy would think, are his clothes that you will never prefer to wear ever. But this post will surely change their opinion on that. Nothing can look more stylish and trendy than his oversized jackets and shirts. May it be your brother, boyfriend or father, make the optimum use of their wardrobe. Because, each of them carries plethora of clothes that would look smoking hot and adorable on you. 

So this time, get over your habit of saying 'I have nothing to wear'. Switch on to your favourite man's wardrobe without splurging your hard-earned money on rigmaroles of unrestrained bout of shopping. The women's fashion clothing is hidden right inside the wardrobe you are not looking into. Here are some of his fashionable clothes that will make you look hotter.

#1 Hoodie/Sweatshirt

What can be sexier than a girl wearing her man's hoodie? Possibly nothing! Hop on to his beguiling collection of hoodies and sweatshirts which can provide you with much more than just saving you from shivery winters.

#2 Blazer

Getting late for your office meeting and still wondering what to wear to put on your best look? Here is the perfect solution. Head on straight towards the wardrobe of your man, and pick one of the best blazers from his treasure trove. Voila! You are as good as the girl featured on the cover of your favourite magazine.

#3 Jeans

The only thing that has the least chance of going out of trend is his ripped or cut-off denim. It is evergreen and no matter what, will always look prettier. Match it with any of your top and it will still look far more natty. Now, you might be wandering in your thoughts about the waist size. Well, belts can always do the work. Don't overthink! Just go for it.

#4 Flannel Shirt

The best one to choose from your man's clothes is his flannel shirt. One with checks and all soothing colours. It is sure to give you the chic look. Tuck it in your jeans and there you go with the model-like look. That is not it. It can also be worn over your sexy one piece and create an overall new look.

#5 Long T-shirt/Shirt

His oversized t-shirt or shirt will be the one for you. It is more commonly termed as T-shirt dresses. Now a days, these are the trending dresses. You don't really need to buy it when you have your man's wardrobe to yourself. Sneak in, search his almirah and pick out the longest one to get a new look. Don't panic if it is oversized and looks awkward, you can always seek comfort from your best.

#6 Superhero T-shirt

Superheroes' t-shirts like batman and superman are quite a piece these days. Resort to them for your casual outings. We are pretty sure, your guy will have at least one of these t-shirts and hence, you will never have to worry about it.

So ladies, wait no more to get a funky and cool look. While the thumb rule remains same – if you can carry it nicely than pick any or don't even bother to have a look at it. The women's clothing online have a variety but to get great look without spending is an art and with these ideas, you surely can master this art.


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