6 To-do Things for Singles this 'Valentine's Day'!

You are still single?
Why in hell are you still single, what happened to the one you liked?
Dude, its a couple party. What on Earth will you do there?

Being single on Valentine's unlike your friends, I am pretty sure you must have gone through the horror of every question listed above, from your 'Not-so-Single' friends. Having committed love birds in your friend list, might make you hate this lovey-dovey celebration all the more. From listening to her endless cheesy babblings to staying by her side through the rough. From facing all her silly tantrums of finding the perfect attire to struggling to give her unique ideas for gifts for Valentine's day, you have always controlled your brimming emotions and maintained your calm.

Well, it's about time for you to stop hating yourself and cherish the glorious mess that you are. To stop dreaming about being the perfect one because you already are in your own ways. To stop being so harsh on yourself and rejoice the moment of love for yourself. Make your day a memory of pleasant singlehood (while you still are) with our list of to-do-things.

#1- Pack Your Bags, Travel and have some 'ME' Time

Count it as a perk of being single! You can pack your bag and leave the world behind, whenever you desire. You can go on an adventure and explore the hidden treasure of peace and serenity that some places bring to you. Imagine how peaceful would it be, to have no one bother you over and over. So, this Valentine spend some time with yourself. Take a step ahead because it is your moment and the adventure already awaits you.

#2- Send Valentine's Gifts to Yourself

Valentine's day is to celebrate the love. It does not necessarily imply that, that love has to be for your soulmate. You are supposed to be your favourite hero and first love. This Valentine's, gift yourself the most treasured gift, because 'You' are important. Shop and buy the valentine gifts online and don't let anyone make you feel low. Just as the famous notion by Oscar Wilde goes – 'To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance'

#3- Binge Watch Movies

What is better than to watch the movies that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts? The movies that will make you realize how lucky you are for making the choice of staying single. Here are some of the movies that will definitely make you cherish the day – Hangover, Lift me up, Eat Pray Love, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Christine and The Edge of Seventeen. Let the movie buff in you take the control.

#4- Pamper Yourself with the millions that you save

By staying single, you can't even imagine how much you save! If you have a seconds on it, just go and ask the expenditure of Valentine's day alone to your committed friends. Trust me, you are saving yourself from massive financial crisis! Rather, you might just want to pamper yourself for a change, with all the amount that you saved. Head towards the salon and get a lovely make over or buy the branded dresses, you wouldn't have bought otherwise. All you need is a shopping therapy!

#5- Gather your Single friends and 'PARTY'!

Collect all the singles and host your own party. Why only couples must have all the fun? Throw a little bit of party and you will realize, how extremely normal it is to stay single and flirt around. I am pretty sure, hearing your side of story about the party, all your committed friends will envy you.

#6- Drink Coffee, Read Books and Relax in Your Pyjamas

Last but not the least, get over the wearisome task of wearing the heavy makeup and clumsy clothes all day, just to look perfect in front of your perfect one. You know, getting all barbied is just not your thing. So, you can relax, drink coffee and read your favourite books without giving a thought about how you look. Because, you are your own and you don't need anyone else to tell you what to do, wear and eat!

With the remarkable activities waiting for you, you surely don't want to sit at home getting upset over the things that aren't even worth it. So, to all the singles out there, make sure this Valentine's day, couples be the one who envy the freedom, independence and fun you have.

Love yourself first and Everything else falls into place!


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